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2024 Evo

2024 Evo Render

Evolved. Refined. Made For You.

Made-to-Measure and designed for long term wear

A completely parametric system builds the device to your measurements. The Evo acts as a shell, form-fitted and comfortable for long term wear.

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Sport Render

Chastity for an active lifestyle

Designed for cyclists, swimmers, runners, and other dynamic movement sports where movement is imperative.

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Blackout Kyron

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Modular. Powerful. Secure.

Currently in development

Kyrios (κύριος) - From Ancient Greek
Denotes supremacy and authority. Lord, master, guardian, ruler, owner.

Cheiron (Χείρων) - From Ancient Greek
Means “hand” or "grip"

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Sport Kit Builder



Base Ring

Integrated Lock

Integrated Lock


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Size Magician

The Size Magician is our automated way to try to get you the best fitting Sport cage. Because the Sport cage isn't made to measure like the Evo, we have to rely on fitting preset sizes to your measurements. It works by taking your measurements and applying a sizing algorithm to the measurements based on our testing and previous customers' experience.

Use your best judgement and prior experience with order as the Size Magician isn't a guaranteed fit.


Sport Cage

Granite Grey


Sport Ring

Granite Grey


Integrated Lock

A Standard, Brass, Integrated Lock

Each lock comes with 2 keys

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Sport Cage Defects

Granite Grey

These Sport Cages will have slight defects or flaws but still functional