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Blackout Evo

Made for you.

Made-to-Measure and designed for long term wear

A completely parametric system builds the device to your measurements. The Evo acts as a shell, form-fitted and comfortable for long term wear.

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Blackout Kyron

Impossibly Secure

Currently in development

Kyrios (κύριος) - From Ancient Greek
Denotes supremacy and authority. Lord, master, guardian, ruler, owner.

Cheiron (Χείρων) - From Ancient Greek
Means “hand” or "grip"

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Blackout Sport

Chastity for an active lifestyle

Currently in development

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Frequently Asked Questions

Orders | Wearing a Cage

Evo Orders

Can I make custom changes to the Evo?

The Evo is a made-to-measure system, not a custom one. We are not offering custom alterations to the current design. This is our way of keeping costs down while still catering to men of all shapes and sizes.

Does the Evo come in other colors?

The Evo chastity cage is not available in other colors at this time.

Do you ship internationally & Where is the shipping cost?

We ship internationally and shipping is included in the price. That way you know exactly what you are getting up front.

How long does an order take?

The turnaround time for the Evo is typically around 5 weeks. This is largely dependent on shipping times so it will vary based on where you live

What if it doesn't fit correctly?

If you aren't satisfied with the fit of your Evo, please contact us here

Chastity Information

How to put a cage on using the stocking method

For the stocking method, you use a thin stocking as a tube to pull your penis into the tube. So first you get the base ring on around both your testicles and then pull your penis through. Then put the stocking on just your penis, put the tip of the stocking through the end of the cage and guide the device on. Once it's on and locked, you can slide the stocking out the front, effectively pulling all of the skin forward.

Be careful that you don't pull your glans through the end as they are surprisingly squishy. Once everything is in place, you'll likely need to pull some skin back to set your glans in place and to spread the skin out evenly.