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2024 Evo

2024 Evo Render

Evolved. Refined. Made For You.

Made-to-Measure and designed for long term wear

A completely parametric system builds the device to your measurements. The Evo acts as a shell, form-fitted and comfortable for long term wear.

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Sport Render

Chastity for an active lifestyle

Designed for cyclists, swimmers, runners, and other dynamic movement sports where movement is imperative.

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Blackout Kyron

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Modular. Powerful. Secure.

Currently in development

Kyrios (κύριος) - From Ancient Greek
Denotes supremacy and authority. Lord, master, guardian, ruler, owner.

Cheiron (Χείρων) - From Ancient Greek
Means “hand” or "grip"

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Chastity for an active lifestyle

Designed for cyclists, swimmers, runners, and other dynamic movement sports where movement is imperative.


- Sport Bi-Ring Base Ring
- Sport FlexTec Cage
- Integrated Lock & Key

Bi-Ring Base Ring
FlexTec Cage
Head Shape
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Active. Locked.

A cage that moves with you

The next era of chastity cages is here. Flexible, powerful, and dynamic, the Sport is the future of lifestyle-specific chastity cages.

No more compromising between chastity and your active lifestyle.

With the Sport, you can have both.

All new FlexTec design allows the cage to flex and move around two axes. An extremely open design keeps things cleaner and drier so there is no smell build up from even your most strenuous activities.

This is one of the best chastity cages for cycling, running, and hitting the gym.

18 Cage Sizes + 7 Base Ring Sizes

At Blackout we understand better than anyone else how much a properly fitted chastity cage can make the difference. Using 1000's of data points from our Evo orders we were able to create a size grid that accommodates nearly everyone.

Use our Size Magician to find your recommended size. Unfortunately, if it comes up blank for one of them it means you are slightly outside our current Sport sizing model and will need to use your best judgement for the correct size for you.

Generally we recommend to go 1-2 sizes shorter than your flaccid length and the same diameter or slightly wider for the cage's width.

30x36 Sport Cage 45x36 Sport Cage 60x36 Sport Cage 75x38 Sport Cage 90x40 Sport Cage 105x42 Sport Cage

Sport Bi-Ring Base Ring

All new base ring tech to help you live a locked, active lifestyle

Based on the universally-acclaimed Evo base ring shape, the Sport's base ring fundamentally pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a chastity cage by creating a new foundation for movement based cages.

Bi-Ring Design Render

Bi-Ring Design

Gone are the days of stiff and rigid base rings that get in the way of your movement. Using a split Bi-Ring design increases the functional surface area of the ring and provides a flexible platform for the cage to attach to. The ring closest to the body is thinner providing a flexible anchor that comfortably holds to the body. The larger outer ring is more rigid for better security and a larger surface area to keep the scrotum comfortable.

Together, the Bi-Ring design provides an unparalleled experience during movement activities.

Pivoting Cage Platform

Pivotal Design

An all new, exclusive design for the Sport, the pivot slot at the top of the base ring allows you to set your cage's position for enhanced comfort. With minor rotational and pivotal freedom, the Sport can be tucked out of the way depending on the situation and your anatomy. A more natural chastity experience for when you want to move naturally.

FlexTec + AeroScales

FlexTec Cage

FlexTec. To keep you moving.

"A cage designed to move with you."

This was the Sport's goal from there very beginning, and with FlexTec, we made it possible.

By harnessing the mechanical properties of the 3D printed nylon, the Sport cage is designed to flex and compress with your member so that it stays out of the way.

This is the world's first dynamic cage.

Vented AeroScales

Flexible. Vented. Covered.

The Sport's reptile-like AeroScales are a breakthrough in chastity functionality. Taking inspiration both from the aerodynamic world and the biological world, the AeroScales provide full coverage on top without compromising flexibility and allowing moisture to escape.


Sport Head Style

Side Vents

Borrowing from one of the hallmark design features of the Evo, the Sport has side vents to keep you drier and make peeing easier.

The open sides let air and sweat flow freely and give you just enough access for cleaning after your sports. That same access also means it is easier to double check alignment so that you can be just as quick peeing as you are with the rest of your activities.

Side Vents
Pinch Protect

Pinch Protection

Ever get slightly pinched from skin sticking out the end of the cage while you were trying to do your activities? The Sport is designed to stop that.

With a slightly flanged pee slit, the Sport keeps clothing away from your most sensitive bits to let you move more freely with less pain. A simple solution to a simple problem for a better experience.