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2024 Evo

2024 Evo Render

Evolved. Refined. Made For You.

Made-to-Measure and designed for long term wear

A completely parametric system builds the device to your measurements. The Evo acts as a shell, form-fitted and comfortable for long term wear.

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Sport Render

Chastity for an active lifestyle

Designed for cyclists, swimmers, runners, and other dynamic movement sports where movement is imperative.

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Blackout Kyron

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Modular. Powerful. Secure.

Currently in development

Kyrios (κύριος) - From Ancient Greek
Denotes supremacy and authority. Lord, master, guardian, ruler, owner.

Cheiron (Χείρων) - From Ancient Greek
Means “hand” or "grip"

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2024 Evo

Evolved. Refined. Made for you.

Made-to-Measure and designed for long term wear


- Evo Cuff Base Ring
- Evo Chastity Cage
- Integrated Lock & Key

Evolved. Refined.

Made For You.

A Custom Chastity Device for Every Man

The Evo is the ultimate custom sized chastity cage.

Your penis isn't shaped like anyone else's. So why are you getting the same cages? Using a proprietary, made-to-measure system, the Evo creates a device fitted to you. This means that you get the cage you want, the first time.

No sizing guides necessary. No more getting the wrong size.

The Evo acts as a shell, form-fitted and comfortable for long term wear. This way you can order confidently, knowing this will be the last cage you'll ever need to purchase.

Anatomically Based

The Evo was built from the ground up to adapt to your anatomy. Things like accounting for erection size, vein position, and the penile structure.

It's how we know your base ring size without you needing to tell us.

Open and Hygienic

With an extremely open design, the Evo makes it easy for you to maintain good hygiene. This means less smell, less mess, and less time it needs to come off.

Simply put, the Evo makes being locked longer, easier.

Fitted To You

Using our proprietary system, the Evo cage gets fitted specifically to your anatomy. No more dealing with size charts and being unsure if you have the right size.

With a few good measurements, you will get the most comfortable chastity experience you have ever tried.

Constantly Evolving

The Evo is a cage that is ever in pursuit of the perfect long-term chastity experience. With the unique nature of each order being created custom and on the spot, the Evo can constantly Evolve based on customer feedback to push the boundaries of chastity devices.

Each Evo ordered is an "image" of the latest Evo algorithm with each new order being the most refined Evo design. Surpassing the much more stagnant and traditionally designed cages, it's been this steady iteration that has made the Evo the best chastity cage on the market.

How it works:

  1. You accurately and precisely measure your penis using the Measuring Guide
  2. You enter your measurements, customize your Evo, and submit your order
  3. We create your unique Evo which is adjusted and fitted to you from your measurements
  4. The model gets sent for 3D printing and polishing
  5. We get your Evo, check it for quality assurance, pack it, and ship it to you
  6. You receive it and get to enjoy the last chastity cage you'll ever need to purchase

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or feel free to send us an email

How it Fits:

The Evo isn't designed like any other cage. It is going to fit slightly different from cages you are used to in order to give you the best chastity experience possible.

Designed to fit a wide range of states a penis can come in, the Evo is designed to have the perfect combination of being snug and secure in all the right places while still having a bit of space to grow. This is so that the Evo can comfortably accommodate a full erection in a healthy way.

For most guys, it will seem to have a slightly looser fit. Having extra room helps keep things dry and more hygienic. It also means that your urethra maintains alignment more often without any deformity enabling you to pee standing up with minimal effort.

Evo Fitment Side View

Evo Cuff

Ergonomic Cuff Design

This isn't your average base ring. This is the most comfortable ring on the market.

*New* 2024 - Custom Base Ring Text

Customize your Evo's base ring! Whether its your name, your keyholder's name, or a reminder of why you are caged.

The text is placed so that it is most readable when the wearer is bent over with the cage between their legs.

Custom Base Ring Text
Evo Cuff Shape

Evo Cuff Dynamic Shape

With a design that is actually shaped like your anatomy (aka not a circle like the other cages), the Evo's unique profile makes long-term wear comfortable and easy.

Each Evo base ring is created specifically for each customer's size and shape. Some people need a wider base ring while others need a more narrow shape. The Evo does that for you.

No more ball burn, erection pain, or circulation issues.

Waterfall Edge Design

The waterfall design is a massive improvement in the evolution of chastity wear.

The increased surface area of the ring lets the skin sit more naturally. This significantly reduces ball burn while the extra contact provides better grip so the cage stays in place.

Evo Cuff Waterfall Edge

Evo Cage

*New* 2024 - Snap-Together Stabilizing Tabs

Get that powerful, tactile feeling of a closing padlock, built directly into your cage.

The 2024 Evo's new snap-tabs come together to give that impactful feeling of being securely locked into an unrelenting cage.

Plus no more pesky testicles slipping through as the snap-tabs keep the cage positioned more sturdy than ever before.

Evo Snap Tabs

*New* 2024 - V-Prong Glans Ring

Featuring the FlexTec from the Sport cage, the Evo's new glans ring provides unparalleled feel both when flaccid and erect.

The V-Prongs are sized to perfectly grip your flaccid glans to help maintain alignment for easy peeing while the FlexTec allows your erections to grow comfortably

The V-Prongs also help to reduce turtling by providing an elastic structure that wants to pull the penis back into place

*Please note that the Uncut Head does not include the V-Prongs as it was found to cause more issues with foreskin swelling than it helped with maintaining alignment

Evo V-Prong Glans Ring

Evo Signature V-Shape

Unique to the Blackout Evo cage, the V-shape shape helps reduce erection strength and duration by not putting pressure on the deep dorsal vein and the superficial dorsal vein. This allows for less restricted blood flow unlike most cages.

Simply put, this means that unlike nearly every other device, the Evo is scientifically designed from the ground up to be a better chastity cage.

Erections are no longer fighting against the cage but rather are contained and then easily subsided so that you can get through your nights problem free

Anatomical Cage Entrance

Have you ever seen a cage entrance ring shaped like this? We didn't think so.

Like the base ring, we went beyond a simple circular ring. This ring conforms to your anatomy so give the right amount of squeeze to hold things in place without cutting off your urethra.

It also gives a little more room to your testicles to keep everybody down there happy.

Erection Accommodation

The Evo was designed to accommodate erections, rather than suppress them. While the prevailing concept for a chastity cage is to suppress an erection, this often leads to the unwanted and painful slippage and pulling at your balls.

The Evo does this differently

By intentionally accommodating an erection, the Evo can use an erection against itself to keep the cage in firmly position on your hard member. This means less ball pulling, less edema, and a tantalizing, teasing feeling when your penis perfectly fills up your fitted Evo.

Night time pain is no longer a necessary part of the chastity experience. Stop settling for less.

Low-Profile Lock Bump

We worked extremely hard to get the lock bump as slim as possible so you can remain discrete in your daily activities.

The slimmer lock profile also means you are more comfortable in more positions without feeling the lock bump digging in.

Evo Head Styles

For-Hygiene, For-Enclosure, or Foreskin

Choose between the open, closed, or uncut head so you have full control of your exposure.

Want simple hygiene and easy peeing? The open head is for you.
Want more security and less stimulation? The Evo has you covered with the closed head.
Have a foreskin and are tired of all the pinching and rubbing? We created an Uncut Head just for you.

Anatomically scultped, each head of the Evo provides the perfect features for what you crave out of a chastity experience.

Open Head

The original, revolutionary, open design. Simple, easy, clean.

Like the rest of the Evo, the open head was designed to give the perfect amount of access. This way its easy to clean and hard to do anything more.

The tip of the head has a unique cradle shape that helps keep things positioned so you are free to pee in whatever position you would like.

Closed Head

The closed head is for individuals that want more security or crave the feeling of being more enclosed.

Originally based on the Open Head, the Closed Head has a very similar sculpted shape with a smaller pee slit. With two hole vents on the side, the Closed Head provides a more locked down feeling while still allowing you to maintain proper hygiene.

*New* 2024 - Uncut Head

Long been neglected, this one is for the intact folk.

This all new, unique design was created to reduce pinching, allow foreskin manipulation and still retain security against unwanted touching.
Tested and approved by uncut invidiuals around the globe, the Uncut Head allows comfortable, long-term chastity to be a reality for those who previously found it to be unbearable.

The upper lip of the head maintains the glans positioning while cradling the foreskin through the end.

The lower lip does much the same; however, it also has two extended flares to catch and hold underwear fabric at a distance to reduce pinching - the bane of uncut individuals in chastity

The slit between the two lips allows for some foreskin manipulation to help maintain hygiene over the course of a few days of wear. It also provides some refuge for the foreskin for the times it gets caught in the side to side motion of underwear.

*Please note that ordering an Uncut Head removes the V-Prongs from the cage body


"Since my package isn't exactly average, I couldn't ever wear an off-the-shelf cage for more than a few hours. I haven't taken this one off since I got home and opened it up, it's -that- comfy!"

"This has got to be the most comfortable cage I’ve ever had! No pinching, no chafing under my scrotum, no matter whether I wear a thong, briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, any type of underwear or underwear fabric, it’s fantastic! I work outside all day in a physically demanding job. It gets really hot in the summer where I’m at and this cage never feels uncomfortable, no matter how much I sweat or move! I’m going to throw out all my other cages!!!"

"I really appreciate all the support you provided and can definitely see myself locking long-term with this cage!"