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2024 Evo

2024 Evo Render

Evolved. Refined. Made For You.

Made-to-Measure and designed for long term wear

A completely parametric system builds the device to your measurements. The Evo acts as a shell, form-fitted and comfortable for long term wear.

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Sport Render

Chastity for an active lifestyle

Designed for cyclists, swimmers, runners, and other dynamic movement sports where movement is imperative.

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Blackout Kyron

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Modular. Powerful. Secure.

Currently in development

Kyrios (κύριος) - From Ancient Greek
Denotes supremacy and authority. Lord, master, guardian, ruler, owner.

Cheiron (Χείρων) - From Ancient Greek
Means “hand” or "grip"

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Share your #MadeToCage Evo and get 25% off

Here are Blackout, we believe that every man should be caged comfortably. The original Evo was designed from the ground up to be different; a better chastity experience for anyone.

This November we launched the 2024 Evo - the next generation chastity device that is #MadeToCage

Tell the world why you are made to cage and why your Evo is made to cage you and get an exclusive 25% off coupon to buy your custom Evo

To participate, customize your Evo on the Evo order page and copy the link. Then share your customized Evo link on social media with the hastag #MadeToCage and why you are made to be caged.

On Twitter(X) you will need to get 10 retweets, or 50 likes.

On reddit, you will need to get 50 upvotes or 20 users commenting

Once you have hit the threshold, tag me or send me a message and I'll send you a custom code for 25% off


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